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Over the last two years of owning my Ural I have scanned the internet high and low for reliable sources of spare parts.
I have emailed countless websites in Russia and the former Eastern Europe with varing success. There are several reasons it is difficult to obtain spares, the main one being the language barrier, the fact that truck suppliers are not geared up to supplying individuals (that happens in the UK too) and probably another major factor is they are just not interested in supplying small quantites of parts via post to foreign countries.
If you can obtain spares in Russia they are extreemly cheap but the shipping costs and the import duty often doubles or tripples the prices bringing them close to what you would expect to pay for western vehicle parts. If you can find a supplier in one of the former soviet states that is now a member of the European Union then the transport costs should be lower and  no import duty will apply to other EU member states.

Below are two links to suppliers I have found neither of which are from Russia but are from two of Russia's close neighbours, if you know of any others please email me and I will add them to this list

   Finish based website selling all things Soviet including spare parts for Ural, Zil, Kamaz etc

   Ukrainian base company specialising in suppling spare part for Agricultural machinery and truck
   spares such as Ural, Kraz, Zil, Maz etc.